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I write a weekly investment newsletter. This newsletter involves the development of a focused portfolio of undervalued securities. The subscription price is $12 per month (cancel any time). Every investment idea I recommend will be one I purchase for my own portfolio. If you have questions prior to subscribing shoot me an e-mail (

Please note I'm running a low-tech operation and that the newsletter is sent by me via e-mail. There will be a delay between when you pay and when you receive your first e-mail (usually a couple of hours).

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Seeking Alpha

Below is a link to the Seeking Alpha articles Canadian Value Investor has written.  These articles have been read in total over 1.2 million times in the last 12 months (over 100,000 per month).  We are always looking for new ideas for articles, so if you are interested in having your company profiled please send us an e-mail.


  1. Do you plan on updating us on Lightstream ???

    1. Yes, covered in the newsletter sent out on Saturday. Thanks