Saturday, October 26, 2013

Cline Shale And Northern Mississippi Lime Require $96 Oil To Break Even

All unconventional oil plays are not created equal.  And this is why $70 oil wouldn't last for long.

Focus on the companies with big land positions in the good ones and hold for the long term.

Energy producers on average need oil prices around $96 a barrel to break even on wells drilled in Permian layers known as the Cline Shale and the Northern Mississippian Lime, according to Mike Kelly, an analyst at Global Hunter Securities LLC. That compares to average break-even prices of around $78 a barrel in the Eagle Ford Shale a few hundred miles east of the Permian, and $84 in the Bakken of North Dakota. Some areas of the Permian need a price of just $70-$74, Kelly said.

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