Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Another Article On the Pending Novus Transaction

Translated from a Chinese site so it doesn't read well:,20130828318465419.html
According to the Hong Kong Economic Times reported that one of the four largest oil enterprises to extend the Group's overseas platform to extend oil ( market area) International (00346), and finally began to expand outward forces. According to market sources, to extend the International denounced the proposed 500 million Canadian dollars (about 2.9 billion yuan) to purchase the entire Canadian energy companies listed on Novus, is expected to be announced shortly.
  Reporters had to extend, respectively, in relation to the acquisition of Novus International and inquiries, but none before the deadline for reply.
Intends to issue bonds all-cash acquisition of parent company
  According to market sources, to extend the international and Novus has negotiated recently, has finally reached an agreement, plans to spend 500 million Canadian dollars, to the latter put the whole purchase. To make trading more smoothly, more specifically to extend international International Canada Inc. was formed to extend.
  Financing, the news that will extend the international extension of the major shareholder group through the issue of convertible bonds (CB) raised 500 million Canadian dollars, and then all-cash acquisition Novus.CB conversion price of $ 0.5 per share, representing an extension of the International Yesterday's closing price of 0.39 yuan a premium of 28.2%.
  Novus currently listed in Canada, worth about 165 million Canadian dollars, it is suggested that three times the market value for its price.
  It is reported that the acquisition yet China and Canada regulatory and court approval, also extend to the majority of shareholders accepted internationally, but also to get the consent of two-thirds of Novus shareholders, is expected to complete the transaction in November.
  Message added that the Novus finally accepted if proposed acquisition of another company or the Novus board rejected or modify its proposal, Novus International Payments shall extend $ 10 million termination fee; extend international event possible to obtain Chinese regulatory agencies or major shareholder approval , answerable to Novus pay $ 500 million.
  It is understood, Novus last December, has hired financial advisers, looking for ways to enhance shareholder value. Novus Board of Directors has unanimously agreed to extend the international sale; if possible before the deadline extended internationally to raise sufficient funds to pay compensation of $ 7.5 million.
  Novus oil and gas assets are located in Canada, Saskatchewan and Alberta, the first half of 30.57 billion barrels of oil and gas production. Prolong International holds two oil blocks in Madagascar, as of the end of June had cash and bank ( marketarea ) balance of 690 million yuan.
  HKEx data show that as of June 8 this year, to extend the Group holds a 29.96% equity interest in extending international, for the latter's largest shareholder.Group profits last year to extend 1,620 yuan, is the largest oil enterprises in Shaanxi Province.

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