Friday, July 26, 2013

Alberta Oilsands Inc Shares Explode Higher!

Buy things that are valued at the cash on their balance sheet and good things sometimes happen!

Chart forAlberta Oilsands, Inc. (AOS.V)


  1. Interesting that the stock is "only" up to about 14 cents a share -- the company says they've spent ~$51 million on Clearwater to date. With 211 million shares outstanding (that's from the company's press release on this), $51 million is worth 24 cents/share. Seems like there is more opportunity here if that's true, but I wonder whether the market is signaling an expectation that the Province of Alberta will haircut the $51M.

  2. Congrats!

    Albeit, anyone invested before approx 1-year ago is not feeling so hot.

    Albeit, a lot of those who invested within the past year are insiders. Good sign.

    How did you get comfortable this net-net would actually become worth more?