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Friday, January 4, 2013

Is Petrobank's THAI Technology Ready for the Spotlight?

Hey, a Petrobank article that wasn't written by me!  Good read:


  1. I wish Bloomer had even a minute remaining amount of credibility! He just does not seem to be able to understand that THAI is an in-development process, and therefore time lines are meaningless. I am holding my stub PGB shares, but the only responsible attitude is to say that THAI will work when and if it will work. Until then, it won't! Far to many broken promises in the past.


  2. I couldn't agree more. All he does by providing a timeframe is make everyone doubt EVERYTHING he says.

    I've always viewed it as nothing more than a lottery ticket attached to Petrobakken. Now that lottery ticket is on its own.

    The only reason I have some hope is that Wright seems certain they will make it work.

  3. Agreed. Wright is credible. He's the principal reason I have stayed invested in PBG.