Saturday, May 26, 2012

Mr. Icahn, Chesapeake Shareholders Stand Behind You

I've been writing repeatedly that we (shareholders) want change at the Chesapeake Board level.   We don't want a change in how these Directors perform, we want new Directors.

I'm a disgruntled Chesapeake Energy (CHK) shareholder. I'm just a small shareholder, but I've been trying to share my message.
My message is simple. My message is that the current Board of Directors at Chesapeake must be held accountable for their abysmal performance representing (actually not representing) the shareholders of Chesapeake Energy.
As a shareholder I've been trying to tell this Board of Directors that I don't want them to represent me anymore.
wrote this article for Seeking Alpha that spelled out the specific examples of how this Board of Directors has not lived up to its duties of representing shareholders. And based on the feedback I've received through the comment section on Seeking Alpha on this and other articles, and the e-mails I've received through my blog, I believe that many, if not most, of Chesapeake Energy's shareholders feel the same way that I do.
But I'm just a little guy and so are a lot of Chesapeake's shareholders. Our voices are small and our ability to create change limited. I'm not sure Chesapeake's Board has heard my message.

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