Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Full On Panic North of the Border

I don't watch the financial networks.  I'll watch videos on the websites if I'm interested in the subject matter or speaker.  But I think watching regularly hurts investment performance.

So that creates a bit of a problem for me.  I don't know why I'm supposed to be panicking.  Because I'll tell you what, shareholders of Canadian oil producers are once again in a full out panic.

Is it because oil is at $96?  Does that cause a panic?  I don't know.   Greece again?  Spain?

What I do know is that there is no bigger disconnect right now than there is between prices an acquirer would pay and the stock prices of small and mid-sized Canadian oil producers.  Here is one example that I don't own but may soon, cut in half in two months with no change in the assets the company owns:

Chart forArcan Resources, Ltd. (ARN.V)

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