Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Petrobank/Petrobakken CEO John Wright on BNN

Petrobank is by far my largest personal holding.  It is not secret that it is also a core holding of the CVI Punch Card Portfolio (our subscription newsletter).

Here is the CEO of Petrobank on BNN who I have interviewed several times for subscribers.

He is a man I'm glad to entrust with a good portion of my portfolio.

One observation on the Petrobakken (subsidiary of Petrobank) operational release today.  I wonder how many investors will pick up on the fact that the company sold 4,000 barrels of production yet is still guiding for 52,000 barrels to 56,000 barrels per day as 2012 exit guidance.


  1. Link does not work for me.

    Regards, Tony.

  2. Correction - Windows 7 did not work, Vista machine was fine. Odd! Regards, Tony.