Friday, April 13, 2012

Metropolis Capital on Tesco

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  1. I own stock in Tesco. One of the big reasons I bought is management's commitment to using good management practices, in particular lean thinking (based on Toyota's management principles). Those address some of the issues raised - investing in the long term and customer focus.

    With that in place and international expansion the opportunities are good (thus I liked the investment). Short term hiccups don't really bother me. I would rather avoid them but I can accept them. The think that worries me about Tesco is I am becoming less and less convinced they are commitment to lean management principles and instead that they just plan to use old style management ideas. They can still be successful that way but the lost value to shareholders is too great.

    I now live in Malaysia and the Tesco's here are horrible. There is no evidence of customer focus. They have lousy "fresh" (often not) vegetables. It is very easy to be sloppy as you expand. More and more evidence is pointing to Tesco being sloppy. Granted the main current financial problems are in the home market.

    For me, I need to see more evidence of commitment to lean principles or I will likely sell out my investment. Another problem I have is Amazon was my other retail investment and I sold it on valuation concerns. I have long been looking at Costco - I would have been much better off buying it over Tesco :-( I am still considering it.

    I lost no faith in Toyota during the recent struggles. There were some slip-ups. Toyota's responses were great - just as I would expect. Mainly the stories were greatly overblown.