Friday, April 13, 2012

Kinder Morgan Expands Big Pipeline Plans to West Coast

Kinder Morgan Energy's oil pipeline expansion plans grew even larger Thursday after the company received huge commitments from Asian customers.
The new plans would ship enough crude oil from Alberta to fill 25 to 30 tankers a month through the company's Westridge, Burnaby terminal.
The proposed expansion of the existing AlbertatoMetro Vancouver pipeline, which Kinder Morgan wants operational by 2017, is to cost $5 billion.
It will increase pipeline capacity for crude by 550,000 barrels a day, to 850,000 barrels from the current 300,000 barrels a day.
The expansion is bound to be controversial. Kinder Morgan now plans to construct as much new capacity as Enbridge Inc. has proposed for its contentious Northern Gateway pipeline, said Wilderness Committee campaigner Ben West.

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