Thursday, December 8, 2011

EPA Implicates Fracking in Water Contamination for 1st Time

But before we panic:

The EPA also emphasized that the findings are specific to the Pavillion area. The agency said the fracking that occurred in Pavillion differed from fracking methods used elsewhere in regions with different geological characteristics.

The fracking occurred below the level of the drinking water aquifer and close to water wells, the EPA said. Elsewhere, drilling is more remote and fracking occurs much deeper than the level of groundwater that anybody would use.

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  1. I doubt the environmentalists opposed to fracking (and all forms of energy apparently) will read that far into the article before condemning the industry.

    Apparently the well was vertical and was fracked between 300 m and 1km, just below the water table. It also didn't have a surface casing. Not anything like the hz wells that are being drilled.

    Unfortunately, the uneducated have a reasonable amount of power, having delayed Keystone XL. Makes PMG look even better - Columbia risk probably overblown relative to the US.