Thursday, September 29, 2011

Conversation With Petrobakken CFO

I just sent out an e-mail to newsletter subscribers detailing my conversation with Petrobakken's CFO who was kind enough to make some time for me this evening.

After the elevator ride down the stock has taken this week on the BMO analyst downgrade it was the least I could do for subscribers.

This is the hard part of investing.  Staying the course.  Being able to speak directly to management helps do that.  While the stock price moves around wildly the underlying business moves forward.

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  1. Have spoken with Peter Scott a number of times and have found him, along with all the other PBN management, to be top notch.....confident your statement, "the underlying business moves forward." is spot on. "This is the hard part of investing. Staying the course." Right on....these are difficult times in the investing world with stock manipulating practices that, in earlier times, would have been prosecuted as fraud. And so, today, we do our due diligence and ride out the storms dark elements in the markets and elsewhere subject us to.