Tuesday, August 9, 2011

My Current Buy List

For those of you unlike this jackass (me) who have cash to take advantage of the opportunity.

And I thought I did so well waiting for the Q2 Canadian small cap selloff !  Hopefully just early and not wrong.

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  1. Devon,

    I don't understand why being out of cash needs to prevent someone from taking advantage of the current difficulties. Certainly anyone with more than one position can look at their portfolios and find something that no longer represents as good of an opportunity as what may be available elsewhere today.

    Using the list provided in your article as an example, assuming I agreed with your assumptions about intrinsic value and had no other information to use such as opinions on potential catalysts, safety etc.

    Why not for example rotate funds from NVS to SKW if you have confidence in your beliefs surely trading a double for a triple is an opportunity as well.

    I too wish my cash levels were higher (I'm not out yet) but while this may limit my opportunities it doesn't stop me from seeking out the ones that are still available, even if you are out of cash.

    Good luck